Friday, August 17, 2012

Valerie Adams

Valerie Adams

Valerie Adams is 27 years of age and was born on 06/10/1984. She is representing New Zealand in the women’s shot put. This year she only had won one silver.

Her hobby is to do gardening. Her Coach is Jean-Pierre Agger. Her half-brother Steven Adams signed to the Pittsburgh Panthers basketball team.

But lucky Valerie Adams she got a gold because the gold medalist cheated.

Rowing report

When rowing started in 1900, there were only men allowed to participate. The women's events were introduced to the summer sports in 1976. Back in 1996 there was lightweight rowing which had a lot of people to do lightweight rowing. In these days they do 2000m course, but then this olympic event was not standard until Stockholm olympics in 1912. Before this it was raced over various                                                                                                                                                                                                                               distances. In Paris in 1900 (1750 m), in St. Louis in 1904 (3218 m), in London in 1908 (2412 m).

In London 2012 the rowing was held on Saturday 28 of July up to Saturday 4 of August at  Dorney Lake which was fficially termed Eton Dorney. Fourteen medal events were entered by 550 athletes, 353 were men and 197
were  women.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Baby

There were a two giraffe that was the King and queen that was the rules of the giraffe and the had an ostrich slave and his name was charlie the ostrich and the Queen and King’s name was Sarah the Queen and Joshua the King and the most exciting thing for the king and queen was having a baby.Then when they went to the Doctor the monkey Doctor that he had no name but doctor monkey and he said “oh my goodness” he said in a surprised is because the baby was going to get born next week and today is a friday and the baby was coming out next Wednesday.

It is Monday and they are even more Excited and the doctor monkey was excited too. It’s almost time for the baby and it’s a tuesday today “HURRY UP ALREADY AND DO THE SURGERY!””okay okay.” “All done.”It the day it’s the day for the baby “ i’ll call him ezra” “yes yes”said dada “mama”said ezra.
The End

Friday, June 15, 2012

Sadness turns in to Happiness

One day there was a Cat and a dog that were together and they had different feelings. Cat was always sad and dog was always happy. Because dog was always happy, he wanted cat to be happy and he tried all of the things that made him laugh but it had failed:
Making her laugh, Jokes and taking her on a date were some of the things he tried. When he had tried and tried he gave up. Then one day he asked her “Would you like to go on a date?” and she replied ”No” and dog felt bad.

One day he was walking past sad cat and he tripped and fell down. Sad cat saw it and laughed for the first time and she was not sad cat anymore she was Happy like dog.
<><><><><><><><><The End><><><><><><><><>