Friday, June 22, 2012

The Baby

There were a two giraffe that was the King and queen that was the rules of the giraffe and the had an ostrich slave and his name was charlie the ostrich and the Queen and King’s name was Sarah the Queen and Joshua the King and the most exciting thing for the king and queen was having a baby.Then when they went to the Doctor the monkey Doctor that he had no name but doctor monkey and he said “oh my goodness” he said in a surprised is because the baby was going to get born next week and today is a friday and the baby was coming out next Wednesday.

It is Monday and they are even more Excited and the doctor monkey was excited too. It’s almost time for the baby and it’s a tuesday today “HURRY UP ALREADY AND DO THE SURGERY!””okay okay.” “All done.”It the day it’s the day for the baby “ i’ll call him ezra” “yes yes”said dada “mama”said ezra.
The End


  1. WOW!!! Sione To'a your story is so cool and tis really funny i want to read more good job To'a

  2. I like this because it is one of the funniest narratives that I have ever done.

    What I should of fix up was the punctuation and vocabulary.


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