Friday, November 8, 2013

Communion of Saints

Pope Pius Died from a heart attack in 
his room.
Pope Pius is feast day is on the 21 August.
Pope Pius is a patron saint of emigrants.
Saint Cecilia is a patron saint of Music
Saint Cecilia feast day is on the November 22.

Saint Francis birth is November 26, 1182 
and his death is October 3, 1226.
Saint Francis feast day is October 4

Testing week

This week is testing week and for some reason I am not excited when it comes is because I get really scared when I am talking how I got my answer and I have to try and not freeze like always.But when it it comes to just writing it on a paper or a booklet. I had to sit their for a good 45 minutes. I can not stay and stare at the test and or just answer.It was cool just to have a day of test on testing week and that is Wednesday but when  it comes to the gloss and prop test it just freaks me out so I freeze. So that's all my felling's when it comes to testing week.