Monday, August 8, 2011

My holiday

Holiday It was the best day and that day was Saturday 30 July afternoon because when we had lunch we had my favourite sandwich and that was chicken sandwich with that beautiful mayo and the chunky juicy chicken. Then my Mum and Dad went for about seven hours to do my Dad’s work and while they went, we stayed home with Nana. I was making popcorn and we had chips and cookies we had to watch the wiggles because it is my brother’s favourite DVD, I wish it wasn’t his favourite DVD because I don’t like watching it. Finally the seven hours was over. Mum came back and she asked “What’s for dinner?” We shouted “McDonald's”Later on that afternoon my brother, sister and I went to get the food, we ordered seven mac attacks and seven sundaes and the grown ups had the same but no sundaes .When we come back the house was clean. My sister and cousins had cleaned it for us. The last thing we did was eat the food and find our clothes for church. Finally we watched television and the movie that was on was Fat Albert. I enjoyed watching the movie.

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  1. Hello Mr Moa,
    Sounds like you had lots of fun over in the Holidays and sounds like you are kicking back a little to far. ;D


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