Monday, July 11, 2011

Kite Making

Kite MakingOn Monday it was spectacular day. When we went to the hall and there was a girl named Ailey. She was talking to us about a kite festival and she told us in China they have glass on their string. They try to take down other kites and cut the string. We started to make our kite, the things we needed for our kite were Two big tooth picks One large string paper tape 1. First we get the tape the big tooth picks and the paper and we taped the tooth picks on the piece of paper.
2. We taped the string on the piece of paper.
3. We decorated the kite.

Ailey told us if we wanted to fly our kites, we answer “YES” then we did and we took turns. Room three, four, five then room six girls then room six boys went for their turn.

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