Monday, September 26, 2011

You are Special

There was a Wemmick he had no talent . Every time he jumped so high he would fell on the ground and scratch his paint and he got dots not stars because the stars were for only talented wemmick.
He tried being one of them but it didn’t work.
The next day he saw a Wemmick named Lucia and Punchinello had a little look around and stared at her and asked "how do you do that?" 

“I go see Eli"
“yes Eli’’ and then she skipped along the path.
Punchinello said “Why?’’ but she could not hear, he went and thought.
He went to see Eli. He tiptoed in and saw a hammer on the table and the hammer was as big as his arm. He tiptoed out and Eli said “Punchinello is that you?" with his deep voice and Punchinello said “yes".
“Come for a close look, what is all these dots?” 

“they mean no talent’’ 
"oh yes Lucia come by and said Punchinello is coming and here you are. If you trust in me you can have no stickers". When Punchinello went one dot fell off because he knew Eli loved him.

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